Zeszyty Artystyczne” (“Art Notebooks”) is an academic peer-reviewed journal focusing on the broad perspective of issues regarding visual arts, humanities and art education. The journal, published by the University of Arts in Poznań, Poland, in a unique way combines the scholarly analysis and critical artistic methods of creating and writing. It has been published since 1983, being the only academic and artistic journal with such a long tradition in Poland. The referential version is the printed out, paper edition.

History and Overview

The journal “Zeszyty Artystyczne” was founded in 1983 and the chief editor was the artist Jan Berdyszak. Among the editorial board at the time were: Grzegorz Dziamski, Rafał Grupiński, Alicja Kępińska, Jarosław Kozłowski, Andrzej Kurzawski, Wojciech Müller. Afterwards, for numerous years the editor-in-chief was Marek Wasilewski. Since the 25th edition the chief editor is Justyna Ryczek. First editions were designed by Grzegorz Marszałek. Since 2003 until 2016 the graphic layout has been designed by Mirosław Pawłowski.

The founders of “Zeszyty Artystyczne” noticed a need for a cross-disciplinary journal, being a forum and mean of communication between artists, theorists and cultural workers not only from Poznań and the Polish academia. The journal has been published by the leading academic institution in the field of artistic education in Poland, despite changing its name, accordingly, from the PWSSP to Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań (ASP) in 1996 and finally to the University of Arts in Poznań (UAP) in 2010. From 2016/2016 the journal is published by the Faculty of Artistic Education and Curatorial Studies.

So far the 34 monographic editions of “Zeszyty Artystyczne” covered such topics as:

  • Museum education
  • Art and philosophy: #now,
  • Context / Contextualism. Between theory and practice,
  • Illegibility,
  • Educational potential of photography,
  • Ritual and correspondence of arts,
  • Education in the context of neoliberal policy of profitability,
  • On the verge of art and psychology,
  • Axiological boundaries of art,
  • Impossible/Possible. Fiction in artistic creation,
  • Visual literacy,
  • Design – between art and science,
  • New media art and its cultural contexts,
  • Architecture for art,
  • The censored art,
  • Strategies and attitudes in art,
  • Culture war.

Mission and Statement

Since 1983 “Zeszyty Artystyczne” have aimed at being a leading both artistic and scholarly journal in the scope of reflection upon art within the Polish academia. The key research issues are sought from the intersection of arts and humanities with an emphasis on art education and examination of creative activity in the circles related to local, national and international art scene. Each issue is monographic and edited by a commissioning editor. This approach results in creating a widespread discussion and fosters a multidimensional, collaborative overview of the chosen topics. In order to document the artistic life around the University of Arts in Poznań, every issue of “Zeszyty Artystyczne” contains a list of current exhibitions in the galleries related to the University as well as reviews of books and exhibitions.

After many years “Zeszyty Artystyczne” still continue to identify new paths in the interdisciplinary discourse creating opportunities for a fruitful exchange of ideas between the practitioners in the field of arts and humanities.